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Refrigeration and HVAC Maintenance Services in Chicagoland

Planned maintenance is crucial for keeping your refrigeration or HVAC unit in good working order while also extending its life. The compressor and the heat exchanger are two vital components of a heating and cooling system. For a refrigeration unit, the compressor functions as its “heart.” With planned maintenance, you can prevent these parts from failing prematurely.

At M24, we offer top-notch refrigeration and HVAC maintenance services in Chicagoland and surrounding areas. These are designed to save you money and costly downtime. Rely on our technicians to inspect your units thoroughly and recommend necessary repairs. Throughout the duration of the agreement, all of our planned maintenance clients will enjoy 10% off on any parts, special labor price, and priority service.

Our services include the following: coil cleaning in the spring, heat exchanger cleaning in the fall, a point-to-point inspection of all electrical components, fan belt adjustment, Freon gas check, and safety components operation. We’ll make sure your equipment is in good working order to suit your company’s demands. While we’re repairing, installing, or maintaining your unit, we can change your filters for free. If needed, we will supply filters.
Fact: Without proper cleaning, the heat exchanger can develop holes, resulting in the emission of carbon dioxide into the air within the building. You must also not let its flame burn too hot, or else it will compromise the metal.


A Dirty Coil in Need of Maintenance
A Clean Coil After Service

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